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I have a 2D character with bones created in Anima2D.

How can I animate that character in UMotion?


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thank you very much for your support request.

UMotion is mainly focused on 3D animations but you can animate every object that has transforms in Unity using UMotion. I just downloaded Anima2D and tried to find a way to animate one of the Robot example character.

Here is what I did:

  1. UMotion has it's own bone controls. So we need to make the Anima2D bones invisible so that they don't overlap. I'm not very familiar with Anima2D and didn't found a way to disable the bone rendering so I just disabled it by manipulating the script:
  2. Then I created a new UMotion project of type Generic.
  3. Drag&Drop the topmost transform named "Robot" into the Pose Editor to start animating.
  4. Switch into config mode.
  5. Hold ALT and click on the Topmost Arrow in the Rig Hierarchy to expand all transforms.
  6. Then select all transforms but not the IK ones.
  7. Open "Properties" and set visibility to "Locked".
  8. You can go through the Rig Hierarchy and make bones visible that you also want to use for animating.
  9. Switch back to Pose Mode.
  10. Open the Options Tab.
  11. Add "UpdateIK" to "Callback Name". This will tell UMotion to call the Anima2D function named "UpdateIK" on all your components. Thus enabling the Anima2D IK functionality.
  12. Start animating.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
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