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Hello,i have buy pro version,

it's awesom!

but i have problem is this(i think who is my problem) but i dont find the solution!

I used humanoid rigg made with maya , i made an animation but when i press play   

character's  rootJoint  move up to y-axis,there are no key_frame for this.

-i have tried to apply to my character your example animation and it work.

-if i make an animation with your character "robot" with your Umotion project  the animation works on my character.

_if i mafe an animation with your character and a new Umotion project  i have the same problem "mainJoint "  moving without apparently reason(in this case tralstionis not only for y_axis )

Probably im doing wrong with same settings ...

can you help me?


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Hi jackal,
thank you very much for reaching out!

Is the "mainJoint" the hips joint (the one with the "Rm" symbol in the Animated Properties List)?

Are you sure that the first key and the last key of the hips joint are exactly the same? If there is a difference between the first and the last key this difference will be applied every time the animation is looped thus making your character move.

If you don't need root motion at all, you can disable "Apply Root Motion" in the Animator component of your character.

If that doesn't help, could you maybe provide a video where you demonstrate your problem? Or maybe a small unity project that includes everything for me to take a closer look into this (you can send this project via the email support form).

Best regards,

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Hi,thanks for the fast support.

for this test i had create new project using your  charater.

y-axis problem,seems solved! thanks..

but now i have new problem ... with feet during my new animation ... they change position without keyframe ... this  with all characters  if therisnot RootMotion Applied and only with my if theris the rootmotionApplied

i  sended you 3 videos

viedeo a : -> animation in Umotion

video b: -> animation without applied RootMotion

video c: -> animation with  applied RootMotion

is a rigg problem?

or other setting i  losted?

thanks a lot!

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