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Using Unity 2017.3.of3 - Pose  and Clip editors are greyed out and not assessable.

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Hi Winberry,
thank you very much for your bug report.

Please note that the windows are greyed out when no UMotion project is opened. Does that explain your situation? You can learn how to create a new UMotion project by taking a look at the video tutorials (click on "Help --> Video Tutorials" in the Clip Editor).

If that does not explain your issue, could you provide more details please? Maybe a screenshot? On my end everything is working fine with Unity 2017.3.0f3.

Best regards,
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Hi Peter,
Thanks for your quick response.

I have downloaded all your links. I have the "CharacterFirstPersonScene" up and running
I am going step-by-step through your "Our First Animation (FPS) - UMotion In Practice tutorial the screen show shows where I discovered I could go no further as I could not place the "FpsGunPrefab" into the Pose Editor (neither by dragging nor the circle button) and after looking around, loading and reloading, I wrote to you



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Hi Bob,
please take a look at the "Our First Animation (FPS)" video at 05:06. You need to create a new UMotion project (or open an existing one) before you can add something to the Pose Editor.

PS: Please always reply in the support form (don't reply to the email directly) so that others can follow this topic. Thanks smiley

Best regards,

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