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Removed unparented EditorWindow while reading window layout: window #15, type=ΉΉΉΉΉΊΊΊΉΊΉΊΊΉΊΉΊΉΊΊΊΉΉΉΉΉΊΉΊΊΊΊΊΉΊΊΉΉΉΊΊΉΊΉΉΉΊ, instanceID=113466

UnityEditor.WindowLayout:LoadWindowLayout(String, Boolean)

I'm getting an error above when opening Unity. I have no proof that UMotion caused this but it seems a kind of error message I usually get with UMotion so am sending it your way in case you can figure it out. I'm using Unity 5.6.5f1 (64bit) on Mac. Also I'm using UMotion V1.09p04 I got from you via email with regards to "Corrupted UMotion asset file.".



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Hi Thomas,
thank you very much for your bug report.

  • Do you get this error window every time you are opening Unity?
  • Does this error message have any functional impact? In other words, does anything not work after this message or is there any other noticeable side effect?


Best regards,

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No I do not get this error every time. In fact I just closed and reopened Unity and this time I did not see the error. I'm not sure what caused this, perhaps how I shut Unity down. It was a graceful shutdown though of Unity with no errors, last time I shut it down.

As far as I can tell it does not impact functionality at all, at least so far that I've seen. So it's not a big deal, I just figured I pass the error along to you in case it means something and can be tracked down. I'm not even sure it was UMotion that caused it, but it looked like a UMotion type of error I've seen in the past. I know this is not very helpful. If I see it again or see some kind of pattern to reproduce it I'll let you know.


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Hi Thomas,
thanks for your detailed reply.

Yes the error message was related to a UMotion window, but it's not thrown by UMotion code. Thus I can't really do anything against it. As it has no functional impact and it is not recurring, that shouldn't be a big deal anyway.

Thank you very much for this report and keep letting me know if you experience any other issues.

Best regards,

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