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I'm working on a 48 sec humanoid animation with 748 frames and when I export it, it 24MB...which is way too large.

Whats the best way to reduce or remove keyframes?

Btw, I've noticed that when I manually remove around 10 keyframes, it only reduced the file size by about 8K. Am I doing something wrong when importing or exporting?

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Hi sbmhome,
thanks for reaching out. 

Please note that the actual file size (measured in the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder) isn't the size the animation will have in your built game:

  • When serialization mode is set to "force text", your *.anim file is stored as text file. This makes the file much bigger. In you built game, the animation is stored in a binary format requiring much less space.
  • Unity adds additional editor only curves to *.anim files that are required by Unity's Animation Window but don't end up in your build.
  • To measure the size your animation takes up in your built game, please take a look at the inspector window of your *.anim file:
  • This article explains how to get the total size of all your animations that end up in your build: Reduzing File Size - Unity Manual

Are the 24MB measured in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder? What's the size of the animation shown in the Inspector window?

A lossy key reduction is on my road map and is already ~50% finished but always remember that that kind of compression will always introduce more or less noticeable artifacts to the animation (depending on the compression rate).

Btw. there was already a similar question asked before where I described a few things in more detail: https://support.soxware.com/166/why-animation-file-size-grow-up-after-export?show=166#q166

Best regards,

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