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Is there a way for UMotion to control the texture offset of a GameObject's material?

I'd like to animate some 2D eyes that are a texture on a 3D face mesh, and was hoping to be able to do this while editing poses in UMotion.

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thanks for your support request.

By using the "Custom Property Constraint" in "Component Property" mode you can animate nearly every property of the components of your GameObject (including properties of materials).

In your case you want to animate the "SkinnedMeshRenderer.Material.MainTextureST" property:

  • MainTextureST.x/y - This is the x/y tiling of the main texture.
  • MainTextureST.z/w - This is the x/y offset of the main texture.

Important: I recommend adding all 4 properties to your project as Unity's animation system seems to automatically set all other properties not included in the animation to 0. So if you only add e.g. MainTextureST.x then y, z and w would be set to 0.

More information about custom properties can be found in the manual (see "Pose Editor / Constraint System / Custom Property").

UMotion currently can't preview changes on the material properties but the curves export and play correctly during run-time. Previewing material properties in UMotion is on my list for one of the next updates.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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