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UMotion generates the *.anim file and you can use all Animator features (including avatar masks, state blending,...) as you would do with any other Animation.

From your tutorial clip, the .anim file did not show avatar mask, state blending curve, ... or am I missing something?

Basically, I did not see these:


A work around it: for Events, I can put an event from Animation Editor, for Mask, I think a Layer-Mask from Animator Controller, probably still mask the .anim file. But, what about the Curves? Thanks.

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thank you very much for your support request.

You are right, Unity only provides these options in the "Animation Import Inspector" that is shown when a *.fbx or similar file is selected. The inspector of *.anim clips has less options.

Nether the less, all those features are still supported:

  • Mask: There are two approaches to create avatar masks. Either per animation (in the Import Settings) or as an avatar mask asset. You will need the second method. The official avatar mask video tutorial of Unity covers creating avatar mask assets: Avatar Masks - Unity Video Tutorial.
  • Curves: You can also add custom curves to your animation in UMotion by using the "Custom Property" constraint in "Animator Parameter" mode. More information can be found in the UMotion manual: "Pose Editor / Constraints / Custom Property"
  • Events: The recommended workflow is to add the events directly in UMotion's Clip Editor: Animation Events - UMotion Video Tutorial

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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