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I've downloaded a mixamo Idle animation with the ybot, and regardless of the import settings (tried all knobs), the imported clip is shaking. It's very clear when looking at subtle movements, such as with idle animations. When looking at the animation in the Unity preview window, everything is smooth. I also tried different import settings in Unity, and it's always smooth.

To reproduce, get the Rifle pack from mixamo and use for example the ybot. In Unity bake Root Rotation and Y position into the pose. Try preview the Idle animation in Unity and look at especially the hands and feets. This is perfectly smooth. Now import the same animation in UMotion as pure FK, lossless and without key compression. Playing back the animation in Umotion will show the shaking, and exporting the clip and previewing it in unity is exactly the same - which is good. So I think the importing might have calculation errors (rounding or similar).

I might be doing something wrong here, but I actually realize I've seen it before on a different project - not to say I could have done it wrong both times :-)

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Update: Fixed in V1.09p03. Thanks for reporting.

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Hi Kenneth,
thank you very much for your support request.

I will try to reproduce this on Monday and come back to you as soon as I have more information.

Best regards,

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Thanks Peter,

I shared a project with you, showing the problem. Just open the SampleScene, open the umotion_project in the root of the Assets folder, and drag the ybot to the pose editor. Play the Idle animation and look at the hands - they are shaking.

Open the original mixamo Idle clip in the Unity preview window, and see the difference.

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Thank you Kenneth, that makes it a whole lot easier for me to investigate this issue. I'll keep you updated.

Best regards,

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