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I'm using Unity 5.6.5f1 on a Mac with latest version of UMotion. When I try to edit any keys in the Clip Editor in the Curves I can not do it properly. The Constant and Linear modes seem to be working correctly but Broken Tangents and Free do not. When Broken Tangents is selected I can not move the right handle of the key, only the left.

After I break a key the handles on both sides of the key move as one, no matter what settings I apply to left and right parts of the key. Is this a bug?

The when the key is set to free the right handle of the key is not clickable at all. It can not be rotated, only left handle can be selected and then it moves both handles.

I also tried Euler Interpolation, or position. It makes no difference in all of these the Broken Tangents do not work. Can you please have a look at it.



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Update: Fixed in UMotion V1.09p01.

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thank you very much for the bug report.

I can reproduce this issue also on Windows using Unity 5.6 and Unity 5.5. Unity 5.4 doesn't seem to be affected. Unity 2017.1 and higher also don't seem to be affected.

I'm working on a fix and will keep you updated. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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Np. If you get a patch you want me to try let me know.



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