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Just wanted to suggest a feature. When working with multiple layers sometimes there are certain places in the animation where it would be beneficial to know the location of a key frame from one layer on another layer. For example, one layer that deals with head position adjustment, but on anther layer a body rotation is being done. Key frames from the body rotation layer (their position) would be a good info to have when adjusting head position.

I propose a system when user can place flags (like the Events) on one layer that are visible on another layer that would indicate position of the keyframes so it would make it easier to animate the new layer. Not sure if this is clear enough. I currently use Events for this and then delete them but it would be nice to have some system when player can just place a "Flag" and quick add/remove them. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in developing this idea.

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thank you very much for this feature request.

I like the idea! Currently my schedule is pretty full but I've took a note in my "ideas for the future" list. In this list I'm collecting all feature request that I receive but can't implement immediately. This list helps me guide the feature development in the future.

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