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I have a sleeping animation(humanoid) that I edited, added a second layer to correct the neck and body rotation, but when I export it and use it on my character it looks exactly like the old animation. The strange thing is that when I preview the animation clip (using the same character) it looks correct, but added to the character in game mode it looks like the same animation. I am sure the animation inside the Animator points to the newly exported animation clip.

At runtime if I open the clip editor and open the project I was editing then the pose is correct, but as soon as I clear it, it looks like the old animation.

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wanted to officially close this topic after our discussion via email:

The animation was a "laying in bed" animation. The character's GameObject had some small rotations around the X and Z axis. UMotion is resetting the X and Z axis rotation of GameObjects attached to the Pose Editor. That's why it looked as even though inside UMotion's preview the neck/head of the character was perfectly laying on the pillow, in the exported animation it wasn't (due to the addational X and Z rotation).

The current behavior (resetting the X and Z rotation) is by purpose because of the following scenario: Imagine you're playing the game and click on pause to fine-tune a characters animation. The character can have any arbitrary rotation around any axis depending on your game play mechanics. Some obvious examples would be when e.g. your character is able to do a front flip, run on walls,... but it can also be a very small rotation caused by the root motion of the currently played animation. If you then drag & drop the character into the Pose Editor and UMotion wouldn't cancel the x and z rotation the animation would have a wrong direction (e.g. a walk animation would suddenly walk into the sky...). So if UMotion wouldn't reset the x and z rotation it would be exactly the same problem but for much more people: They edit an animation during play mode and after they export it it looks different because the character's rotation haven't been zeroed correctly...

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Hi skinwalker,
thank you very much for your support request.

The strange thing is that when I preview the animation clip (using the same character) it looks correct

Do you mean when you preview the exported animation (in the Inspector Preview Window)? If so, the animation was exported correctly by UMotion. There must be something else in your game logic (or the Animator) that still uses the old animation clip.

If the exported animation is not displayed correctly in the Inspector Preview Window, I would like to take a closer look. Please send me a Unity project that contains everything I need to reproduce this issue via the email support form. You can contact me regarding a Dropbox link if it exceeds the size limit.

Best regards,

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I did more tests and recorded a video, I sent you that video on email with title: uMotion Problem (video) by skinwalker.

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