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First of all, thanks for creating UMotion. I'm skipping Maya entirely and doing all my animation directly in Unity with UMotion!

After importing a Generic rigged mesh, I needed to animate the rotation of various joints, so I changed the rotation type from Progressive Quaternion Interpolation to Euler Interpolation. After creating the animation in UMotion and exporting the .asset, I would apply the animation to the Unity Prefab. The problem is that the animation was wildly different.

I found a work-a-round by going back into UMotion and converting all the Euler Interpolation rotations back to Progressive Quaternion Interpolations, then re-Exporting them. The animations then worked correctly.

I guess my expectation was that exported animations would automatically work in Unity without have to manually convert the rotation type back to Progressive Quaternion Interpolation.

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Update: Fixed in UMotion V1.09p02. Thanks for reporting.

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thank you very much for your support request.

I would like to take a closer look on that problem. Could you send me an example Unity project that contains only those things I need to reproduce this issue? Please also provide some information about which body parts are affected. You can send me the project via the email support form. If it's too big, I can send you a link to my Dropbox (via email).

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

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Apologies for the delay. I've just sent you the project files.

There's a cardboard box with 2 flaps that animate opening.

One flap is using the Euler Interpolation, the other flap has been converted back to Progressive Quaternions before exporting. The Euler flap rotates wildly.
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I think something went wrong with the transmission because I didn't receive anything? Could you try to resend?
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I've resent via the email support form. I was using a different email address the first time, so perhaps that caused the issue.
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Hmmm... strange, I still didn't receive your email (also checked the spam folder). I just tested the support form but it works correctly for me. Could you send me the email directly to support.assets@soxware.com? Maybe try to send it with and without an attachment, maybe the attachment is considered as "malicious" by my email provider.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience...

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