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Is it possible to convert humanoid animation from 1 model to legacy animation on another model

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thank you very much for your support request.

Yes that is possible:

  1. Duplicate the legacy model
  2. Change the animation type of the duplicated model to "humanoid"
  3. Drag & drop the humanoid animation into the Animation Converter
  4. Drag & drop the duplicated humanoid model into the "Input" field
  5. Drag & drop the original legacy model into the "Output" field
  6. Optionally: Change the conversion settings to what fit's your need (see manual for an explanation)
  7. Click on convert
It work's the same as shown in this video tutorial (except that you are going to convert to legacy instead of generic): https://youtu.be/0dw_Cx8johg

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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