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Root motion is checked on for my project and I can't turn it off. The option is greyed out and I can't click on it. Is it a setting or somewhere else I need to do something to turn it off?

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thanks for your support request.

For humanoid characters, root motion is always enabled because humanoid animation clips always contain root motion data by design. If you don't want to use Root Motion in your game, disable "Apply Root Motion" in your characters Animator component (when not locked by UMotion).

If you don't want to use Root Motion for a specific clip only, select the exported *.anim clip and in the Inspector you have the option to bake the "Root Motion" into the Pose.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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That makes sense. What I find though is that if I run the animation in UMotion root motion get's applied and animation moves around. Is there an option to disable root motion in UMotion when working on animation, so that root motion movement does not get applied to the animation when it plays back?
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Root motion means that the character doesn't offset back to zero when the animation loops (from the last frame to the first frame). You can disable that behavior by disabling the RM button in the playback navigation area (bottom right of the Clip Editor).

The fact that the character still moves is because there is motion applied on the hips that moves the character. There is currently no way to temporary "mute" animated properties but I think that this might be a useful feature.

If you don't want your character to move at all, take a look at the animation curve of the hips of your character. If you for example want to remove the movement along the y-axis, select all keys of the y-axis animation curve. Then right click --> Edit Keys. Then set all to the same value (e.g. the value of the first frame).

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