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When I add my character to the Pose Editor it asks me if I want to use blendshapes and add them to head or use a custom controller. How do I access the blendshapes after this?

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Hi skinwalker,
thank you very much for your support request.

The blend shape channels are either added to the head bone or to a custom transform (depending on the selection you made in the dialog). Select the appropriate bone (please note that the head bone usually only consists of a joint, thus make sure that you really have the head bone selected) and then in the channels section of the Pose Editor you should see channels for each of your blend shapes. Manipulating the channel values changes the blend shape weight. Right click on the channel to create a key frame.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the answer, it solved my problem. I have one more question, would you recommend adding them to the head bone even if they are not manipulating the head verts, but let's say the fingers?
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In that case you might want to select the "Custom Controller" option. But the functionality is the same no matter if it is added to the head bone or to a custom transform.

Best regards,
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Okay, but when I select custom controller I cannot find the blendshapes, where they are located now?

EDIT : I Found the Blendshape Controller!

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