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After I upgraded to 2017.4.0f1 and started working with animations, when viewing the character in Scene view the entire scene is white when "Enable Scene Lighting" is turned on.  The character appears normally when the scene lighting is turned off.

I think this will happen in any scene, but just in case, I'm using Realtime GI with no Environment Lighting (black).  The scene is lit with several spot lights, and for animation purposes, 1 directional light.

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thank you very much for your bug report.

Unity 2017.3 had a known issue that the rendering of UMotion bones wasn't working correctly when scene lightning was enabled. As Unity 2017.4 is just the "Long Term Support" version of Unity 2017.3 I guess this bug is still present (they fixed it in Unity 2018.1).
That's why UMotion automatically disabled scene lightning when animating in Unity 2017.3. Seems like I need to enable that same workaround also for Unity 2017.4 (which somehow came out of no where).

I will do some further tests and will include this in the next patch release.

UPDATE: In UMotion V1.09 Unity 2017.4 has the same workaround enabled as Unity 2017.3 (= automatically turning off scene lightning while animating). The new version will be available on the Asset store around April 4th, 2018.

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