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Another question. Sorry for bugging so much. I have a character that I wrote a script for and attached it to the character head. This script accepts a target and causes the character to constantly look at that target. The character is looking at a specific stop in front of them throughout the animation while the game is playing. The animation clip that is played on the character is the one that I want to modify. Is there a way to use UMotion to capture the head rotations while in the Play Mode. These rotations are fed by the script that is forcing the head to a specific rotation, but I would like to capture the head rotation values and make them part of the animation, if you know what I mean.

Edit: I'm guessing this can't be done.

Thank You.


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thank you very much for this feature request.

With the "User Callback" that I've teased in This Answer you will be able to execute custom components right after UMotion sampled the animation. That not only means that you see the effect of the custom component while previewing your animation in UMotion, but also that if your project is of type humanoid the effect of the component will be baked into the exported animation.

This feature will be implemented in the next update (not in one of the next patch releases).

Best regards,

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Great. Looking forward to it when it's available.



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