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Hi Peter,

I am thinking of using your animation converter for of of my projects.

I have sort of a non-traditional situation,  where my character changes form in game. I also need to be able to share animation across different characters, as I can with the humanoid mecanim avatar.

Some of the joints in my rig change position as well as rotation during this transformation. Is it possible to covert such an animation from legacy/generic format to humanoid using the animation converter?

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Hi Rubbel,
thank you very much for your question.

Is it possible to covert such an animation from legacy/generic format to humanoid using the animation converter?

The Animation Converter needs the following two things as input:

  1. The modified model configured as Generic/Legacy
  2. The modified model configured as Humanoid
  3. The animation you want to convert configured as Humanoid
If you do these rig changes during runtime, you usually don't full fill the requirement mentioned in bullet point (2). So you need to find a way to configure your modified model correctly as humanoid, then it will work.
I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
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Hey Peter,

I was wondering about translate information. Does that carry over when the animation is converted?
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You mean translation on bones? The humanoid animation system supports translation on some bones if "Translation TDOF" is enabled in the avatar Configurator (see Unity Manual - Muscle Definitions).

According to the documentation translation is then only supported on the following bones:

Chest, UpperChest, Neck, LeftUpperLeg, RightUpperLeg, LeftShoulder and RightShoulder

The Animation Converter supports converting humanoid animations that have these type of translation correctly to Generic/Legacy. It is not supported to convert translation from Generic/Legacy to Humanoid (this shouldn't be necessary in your case if your source animation is included in a *.fbx or similar because you can convert it to humanoid by changing the import settings).

Best regards,

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