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As the title said, can i receive workflow for a video clip with umotion support? For example if i have a lot of different characters on a large battle field. Can you tell me the best workflow? Cons and pros? Thank you very much

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thank you very much for your support request.

So you want to use UMotion to create a movie or a cut scene? UMotion can be used to create separate animations and Unity Timeline would be used to compose the whole cut scene/movie using those separate animations. UMotion has Unity Timeline integration meaning that you can edit single animations of a Unity Timeline sequence (e.g. you can adjust the animation of one of your characters while the animation preview still animates the whole battlefield).

Here is a video that should give you a rough idea of how UMotion can be used together with Unity Timeline: UMotion "In Practice" - Unity Timeline & Weighted Tangents

More details about UMotion's integration of Unity Timeline can be found in the UMotion manual chapter "Unity Timeline Integration".

I also recommend watching Unity's official video tutorials of Unity Timeline: Using Timeline: Getting started

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Best regards,

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