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Have you looked into integrating umotion with UMA? From what I can tell, this doesn't seem to work currently since UMA does things at run time and you can't actually see any of the bones? Would a potential solution be to use UMA and umotion in tandem with the UMA powertools?

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Generally speaking UMotion works with any generic, legacy or humanoid character. For humanoids there is one limitation though: The humanoid avatar (i.e. the *.avatar asset file) has to be generated at edit time by Unity's 3D model importer. Runtime generated avatars sadly make problems with some Unity API that is used when exporting the animation. I've never used UMA myself but as long as it doesn't create an avatar at runtime it should work with UMotion.

If it does run-time avatar creation though, you can create your humanoid animation using a different character (with an edit time avatar) and then play that animation on the UMA character (as UMA is humanoid compatible you can share animations between characters).

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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