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I find the "Copy to other" side unintuitive to work with and would really like to see a "Paste Flipped" operator like in Blender. What it does: takes the keyframes currently on the clipboard and applies them at the current frame to the corresponding bones on the other side of the armature. F.ex, if the clipboard has frames for Foot_IK.L, the transformations are pasted to Foot_IK.R.

This would help a lot for things like walk cycles.


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Hi Arild,
thank you very much for your feature request. I really appreciate that.

So if I understand you correctly, this would allow pasting the flipped version of that key at a different frame than where the original key is. That would indeed be a handy feature. I'll take it on my list of feature ideas for future versions. I currently can't estimate when this feature is going to be implemented.

Best regards,

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