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I have purchased your plugin and we are using it to perform trick animations on a motorcycle during air. On ground our rider is linked to motorcycle by IK

We have a humanoid rider and need to connect rider to motorcycle so that we can link hands to handle bars for certain animations/tricks.

We also have problem that when we connect humanoid in Umotion. Bones do not move correctly. Please see video


What can we do to keep humanoid structure and steel be able to move/link bike to character.

Is it possible in your software?

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Hi Ash,
thank you very much for your support request.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to play the video that you've linked in your post. It has a strange file format (*.file). May I ask you to re-upload the video in a commonly used video file format (e.g. mkv, avi, mp4, ...)?

Usually for your scenario I would recommend using an approach where you use a character configured as generic instead of humanoid. You could make the Animator a parent of the motorcycle and the character, that way you could animate both within the same animation. Using humanoid really only makes sense when you are trying to re-use the same animation on multiple different characters that have different skeletons, but this comes with some trade offs (additional complexity and less quality due to re-targeting).

Best regards,

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