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I ran the IK wizard.
I can see IK bones in the scene view.
I can move the IK bones in the scene view, and they pull other bones as expected.

The IK bones do not influence my model at all in scene view or in the exported animation file.

Thank you

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thank you very much for your support request.

Move the frame cursor to the first frame of your animation. Select each IK Target (the wired cube) and set the FK/IK Blend channel to 1 (in the channels panel of the Pose Editor). Then right click on that channel and create a key (so that FK/IK Blend stays 1 for the whole animation.

FK/IK Blending is a powerful feature to allow you to use both FK and IK within one animation.

Please make sure to check out the IK video tutorial for further information: https://youtu.be/ETN_DhktSjs

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Thank you for that explanation. It was the "and set the FK/IK Blend channel to 1" that was tripping me up. I did watch that youtube vid, but I must have missed this bit.

Thank you again

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