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Hello! Once again - this asset is simply awesome. I would like to request one little feature. A button in the UI that would move the playback cursor to the next keyframe (in the Dopesheet) of the selected channel (bone). One can go to the next frame of the animation by clicking on the arrow located next to the "Add animation event" button. But there is no option to go to next keyframe that actually stores the position and/or rotation of a selected bone (channel in the Animated Properties section). That button would be very useful as it would enable the user to easily overwrite previously added keys and remove the necessity of precise timeline scrubbing. It could work with the standard "skip to next/previous frame" buttons with a shortcut combination. Say pressing CTRL + the next keyframe button could skip to next edited frame on the currently selected channel.

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Hi Maciej,
thank you very much for your feature request.

If you switch into the Curves view, only the selected animated properties are displayed. This causes the arrow buttons next to the "Add animation event" button to jump to between the keys of the selected animated property (instead of jumping between all keys as it does in the Dopesheet view).

Does this work for you?

Best regards,
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Oh, it's actually a good workaround. Thanks!

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