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Unity 2019.1.6f1

UMotion Pro 1.18

When I set clip length for example 0 to 140 frames, export it, then the clip has 180 frames, no matter what. The clip length just cannot be changed. I am not sure how to reproduce this, but I have few clips bugged this way.

Issue is also recognizable when I switch between clips,. The clip length value reset back to original value. So problem is probably in Clip Editor.

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Hi trolik,
thank you very much for your support request.

The length of the exported clip is determined by the last frame that has a key. So if your animation has a key at frame 140, it will always be exported with that length. The start/end frame that you can configure with the white arrows in the Clip Editor's time ruler (or via the input fields located at the footer of the Clip Editor) are only for controlling the playback preview within UMotion. If you want to crop an animation to the length defined by the white arrows, click on "Edit --> Crop to Playback".

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the answer. The problem is it doesn't export length by last keyframe. The exported clip has bigger length than last keyframe value.

I have found the way how to reproduce the error:

1. Create animation clip that has for example 200 frames. 1 keyframe is at 0 position and one at 200 position.

2. Important part: Restart Unity.

3. Go back to previously created clip. Make the clip shorter, let's say 100 frames by setting last keyframe to value 100. Then export clip. It will still have original 200 frames length.

Clip can be fixed by "Edit --> Crop to Playback". That's how I solved it for now.
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Thanks for explaining this further, this indeed sounds like a bug.

I tried to reproduce this issue but I'm not sure if I'm doing every step exactly how you did it. May I ask you to record a short video where you perform each of these steps, just to make sure that I'm doing it exactly like you do? I can send you a link to my Dropbox (if you write me a short email via the email support form).

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.

Best regards,

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