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I have troubles copying rotation keys between clips. Say I have two clips: an Idle pose and a Gesture. I would like to copy the Idle pose to the start of the Gesture animation and to the end of it to make sure the Gesture starts and ends with the same pose as the Idle one. Both animations are recorded as motion capture, so they are not created from scratch (that prevents me from making a copy of the Idle clip and editing it to achieve the Gesture animation).

I can select multiple keys in the Dopesheet - copy and paste them between clips, but only the Position and Scale keys are copied. The rotation keys are not. 

EDIT: OK, I've noticed that changing the rotation mode to Progressive Quaternion seems to help. Does it work only for Progressive Quaternion mode?

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Hi @Maciej,
thank you very much for your support request.

What UMotion version you are using (click on Help --> About UMotion in the Clip Editor)? If the version is below V1.18, please update to the latest version and check if that issue is still present.

In UMotion versions below V1.18, rotation keys are only copied if the rotation mode used in the source and destination clip are the same.

Best regards,

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