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I would like to use the animation layers of Unity which supports having an animation node graph for each body region. For example we have a layer for the body which does all kinds of stuff (walking, running, jumping) and a layer for different special cases (beeing exhausted, holding an item, etc.). We have that seperated in UMotion Pro and want to export all layers in one click. So that Walk -> Arms_HoldItem is exported as Walk_Arms_HoldItem.anim with only the content of this animation layer.

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Hi Andreas,
thank you very much for your support request.

I've recently added a scripting API to UMotion V1.18 (under Asset Store review at the time of writing) that allows automating/extending UMotion with custom scripts. I might extend the API further to make it possible to access everything necessary to do what you've requested.

I currently don't have plans to support exporting layers as separate animation clips from within the UMotion UI (as it might be too specific and probably wouldn't be used by a lot of people).

Best regards,

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