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Unity 2019.3.0a3 release new UI, but look like umotion need some API update at UI side?

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Hi Vilaskis,
thank you very much for your bug report.

I did some tests with the older preview builds of the new UI (that have been based on 2019.1 and 2019.2) and never had a similar issue like the one seen on your screenshot. That might probably be a bug specific to 2019.3. Thanks for reporting this, I'm going to further investigate. Support for the new UI is of course planned.

 I appreciate bug reports related to Unity alpha versions as they are very helpful for me, but please note that UMotion doesn't officially support alpha versions of Unity (it's usually the time where I start doing first tests etc.).

Best regards,
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Thank you! I'll keep it on mind. Thanks for the quick response and bug fixes.

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