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I am working on humanoid rig and I want to animate weapon ath the same time with other animations like shooting or reloading. I don't want to have two different animations and sync them I just want to have weapon animation in humanoid shooting/reloading animation. So I discovered when I set visibilty true in config tab I can animate the weapon in humanoid animation. When I display the animation on inspector there is no problem weapon animating as well but when I put it to animator it is not working in play mode. Shooting animation is playing but weapon keys are not animating. How can I animate the weapon keys on humanoid animations?

(My weapon is child of hand rig of my character. I attached it in Unity.)

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thank you very much for your support request.

Are the Inspector and the Animator both using the exact same character (drag&drop the character from the scene into the Inspector preview window)?
Unity uses transform paths to address bones (or the transform of your weapon). Maybe the name of your weapon is different (or it's at a different position in the Hierarchy).

Check if the Animator component shows any warnings in the Inspector, also check if the Animation Window (of Unity) shows any warnings when you try to play the exported *.anim there.

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Yes they are using same character and weapon names alos same because I am using the scene character in umotion. Also there are no any warnings.
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Have you tried playing the animation using Unity's animation window? Does that work too?

Are you probably using an avatar mask on your Animator Controller that is blocking the weapon bones? Maybe try to create an empty scene and setup a new Animator controller from scratch to see if it works there.

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