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I try to make animation for my character pick up something. I have a problem with Animation events, i don't find where the script need to be. I try too write a new script and put in my animate charactere but i didn't find my functions in search options. 

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Edit : my script work but i have still a warning in my aniamation event 

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Hi Somath,
thank you very much for your support request.

Please refer to this video tutorial regarding animation events: (8) Animation Events - UMotion Official Tutorials

Just add a script to your GameObject with a function e.g. "void MyAnimationEvent()". Create a new animation event using the "Add Animation Event" button and select the "MyAnimationEvent()" method from the list. You can also just type in "MyAnimationEvent" name into the text box in case UMotion can't find the method (this can happen if your script has not been compiled yet because it has some syntax errors).

In case you get a warning icon in that dialog, hover with the mouse over that icon to get a more detailed warning message as a tool-tip.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,

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