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When i enable character to pose editor, editor view going dark and + on left-down corner i see something like preview of camera view???

I looked at the forum and realized that this is a mistake on the side of the unity team.But maybe i can fix it without wait for patch???

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Update: Fixed in UMotion V1.18.

Hi Vilaskis,
thank you very much for your bug report. I really appreciate that.

HDRP is not considered as stable yet (because it's still in preview). The screen being darker as usual is one of those bugs that still have to be ironed out by Unity. I've already reported this issue to them and also did my best to make the best out of the current situation. Regarding the "preview camera", that's something I haven't been aware of and might probably be something introduced by the Unity 2019.2 beta. I'm going to try to reproduce this on Monday.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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Hello dear Peter! Any news about an upcoming fix?
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Still working on it, got no helpful response from Unity yet...

Best regards,

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