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My humanoid data has RootMotion data, and it'll be baked into the bones data when converted into generic animations. (I have to set the humanoid animation clip's "Root Motion Node" as <Root Transform>)

But I need the data on the root so I could use it for the animation driven movement for some cases.

Setting the "Constraint Root Position/RootMotion" doesn't seem to work, no difference.

I've tried to change the humanoid animation clip's "Root Motion Node" and other settings about the root motion but none keeps the data of the root after the conversion.

Any help?

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Hi ryanflees,
thank you very much for your support request.

For humanoid animations, the root motion data is stored in the "Animator.Root T/Q" curves. Afaik you can't define a root motion transform for humanoids, that's only possible for generic.

When you convert a humanoid animation to generic and you've defined a root motion transform in the generic setup of your character (in the "rig" tab) the root motion data is written into the "Animator.Motion T/Q" curves. If you have "Apply Root Motion" enabled in your character's animator (in the scene), the Animator component will apply the root motion data to the world space position/rotation of your character.

If you want to modify the root motion data, modify the "Animator.Motion T/Q" curves accordingly.

Constraining root motion is preventing any movement along the constrained axis.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,
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Thanks, the "Animato.Root T/Q" is the root motion data I meant, by which get converted to 0 or doesn't appear in animation track.

I've made further try with different models. The model fbx from Mixamo.com works fine.

The exported generic animation clips has root motion data as the original ones, and can be exported with FBXExporter again.

But my own model lost its root motion data after convertion, with similar settings on fbx inspectors and converter window like the Mixamo one. I'm still trying to find the problem of the model. Thanks for the quick response, AnimationConverter is amazing!!
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If you want, you can send me a *.unitypackage via the email support form that contains your model (witouth textures if desired) and the animation you are trying to convert and I give it a try my self. That would make it easier for me to check if there is a bug in the converter or if this is related to some wrong settings.

Thanks for the nice words, I'm glad you like Animation Converter.

Best regards,

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