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* Say (for example) you are animating a walk, humanoid

* IK Setup Wizard .. feet.

* For the Target Rotation:

There is the question, should we use FKRig or IKHandle ?

Now, in the example "animating a walk":

You surely want to use BOTH pinning AND not pinning at different parts of the cycle.

{So, roughly speaking pin the left foot; move hips / right foot forward. Now unpin the left foot; pin the right foot, move left foot / hips forward.)

OK. So I know i'm going to very much be using BOTH pinned / unpinned.

So the question, should we use FKRig or IKHandle in the setup wizard ????

In the tutorial, I believe, it suggests using FKRig if you are going to be moving the foot, but (I believe you must?) use IKHandle if you will be pinning the foot.

So, I am going to be doing both!  :)  

Which should I use, FKRig or IKHandle for target rotation??

Let me ask the question this way: why would I ever use FKRig?

And then: say I am only doing unpinned movements: is it perfectly OK to use IKHandle for the target rotation?

Would it be fair to say the FKRig option is superfluous - if you are expet enough, or just prefer using it, can one use only IKHandle?

I do not understand any advantag to the FKRig option for target rotation.


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Hi Fattie,
thanks for reaching out.

When using the target rotation mode "FK Rig", the IK Target (= foot/hand) is using it's FK rotation and the rotation of the "IK Handle" is completely ignored. This is in some situations useful when you don't want to adjust the "IK Handle" rotation everytime you move the "IK Handle" just to get the same hand pose again. This is because when you move the IK Handle of a hand and target rotation is "FK Rig", the orientation of the hand relative to the forearm will be kept. If you would use "IK Handle" as target rotation, the orientation of the hand is kept relative to the world space orientation of the "IK Handle".

Please note that IK Pinning will only pin the position, not the rotation in "FK Rig" target rotation mode.

So in your case (animating the feet for a walking animation) you need to pin the rotation of the foot, so you should use "IK Handle" as target rotation. "FK Rig" as target rotation might be easier for hands in some situations. In most cases you would use "IK Handle" as target rotation though, that's why it's the default option.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,
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It makes sense.  I guess you could say ..

IKHandle is global or world goal and FKRig is local goal.


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