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We have a model which is accidentally NOT z-forward, it is z-backwards.

Naturally we will fix that, but, for now I noticed an issue:

Notice in config-mode the feet are correct:

click to pose-mode and they are upside-down!

(IK Setup using target rotation of "IK Handle")

In fact, is this issue caused by the fact that the model is backwards?

I just wanted to clarify if this is the case!  Thanks!

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Hi Fattie,
thank you very much for your support request.

When you create a new Unity project for that character (and setup IK like before), do you have the same issue? Does it only appear as soon as you set FK/IK Blend to 1 for the feet?

Best regards,
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Thanks - what the hell, strangely, this no longer happens??

It stopped happening since I posted this!

I always update UM (and indeed Unity, which is now 2019) ..

Is there a chance something changed in the most recent updates so that this doesn't happen now?

Sorry for the "mystery question" !

I'll close the question since there is no apparent issue, thanks!   :O
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Glad to hear that this problem isn't happening for you any more. Please let me know in case it should appear again in the future.

Best regards,

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