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I was testing the IK pinned feature on a generic animation and it worked fine in the clip editor. However, when I exported and played it in mecanim, the right hand that was supposed to be pinned was slightly moving during the animation. I'm using unity 2018.1.1f1

Here's a video comparison:


Let me know if you need the project, I'd be happy to help!

Awesome product by the way! :) Thx in advance

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Hi Max,
thank you very much for your bug report. I really appreciate that.

Yes, please provide a Unity package that includes just your character (without textures if you want), the UMotion project file and the exported *.anim clip. The package should be small enough to be sent via the email support form, if not please request a link to my Dropbox (also via the email support).


Best regards,

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Just sent you the package!

Also, I've updated the video comparison with a new animation clip, I inadvertly deleted the previous one:

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Hi Max,
thank you very much for sending me the files.

Ok so the animation basically is exported correctly. If you use Unity's Animation Window and go through the exported animation frame by frame, you will notice that the hand stays perfectly at the same place.

The cause of the jitter that you noticed is happening between the key frames and is caused by the interpolation that is happening between the key frames. Thus you will notice this only once you actually play the animation. The interpolation method applied by Unity just can't know that it should interpolate in such a way that the hand will stay at the same place, it just does some linear interpolation which will result in some movement of the hand. When playing the animation in UMotion on the other hand, UMotion will apply the IK constraint even between key frames thus making the hand stay perfectly in place.

Your animation has a lot of movement between two keys resulting in a lot of interpolation induced error. I'm not sure if this is a realistic scenario or has just been a test animation for reporting this issue. If the animation you're trying to create is as fast paced as this test animation, you should consider increasing the frame rate for that animation. I got quite good results by increasing the FPS to 180 (you can do this in the clip settings in UMotion).

For regular paced animations (like the "pull-ups" example in the UMotion Examples), 60 FPS should generate already pretty decent results.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,
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Yeah, I was poking the system with extreme cases to see how it worked behind the scene. You just confirmed what I thought!

Thx for the tips and the reply!

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