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1. I pause in the editor, and my character stops at a certain position, where I want to continue building a new animation from.

2. I then create an UMotion project - Humanoid

3. Then when adding the character it moves away from the position it was paused in

How can I make it stay?

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thank you very much for your support request.

UPDATE: Happens when character is scaled. Fixed in UMotion V1.17p02.

The character should keep it's position when you apply it to the pose editor. I just tested this using the UMotion example scene (I stopped while the second Robot Kyle has been walking to the center of the platform, then applied him to the Pose Editor --> kept it's position). So their might be something special in your situation.

UMotion makes a copy of your character (at the current position/rotation) and hides the original character (to ensure that changes done by UMotion are correctly reverted as soon as you remove the character from the Pose Editor again). Because of this copying mechanism, OnEnable() is called on all scripts of your character. Maybe something in your scripts is moving the character when OnEnable() is called?

Is your character controlled by Unity Timeline?

Best regards,

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Thank you for your fast answer.

I have investigated further for humanoid:
- I found out that it is when I scale the character it moves when added to the pose editor
- Have found that if the character is positioned in 0,0,0 it does not move, when scaled
- Have found out that the character moves the scale times the position, e.g. if the character is positioned in X=10 and it is scaled X=2 then it moves the X-position from X=10 to X=20
- Similar for the other axises

Similar happens, when I create a sphere and a generic project.

Why can that be?

Best regards

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Hi Theis,
thank you very much for your further investigation into this.

This appears to be a bug. I'm aiming for a fix in the UMotion V1.17p02 patch release. Thank you very much for reporting.

Best regards,
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Hi Peter,

Thank you for a fast response, and a very fast bugfixing.

It works now as it should. Perfect, thanks.

Best regards


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