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Hi, I love the plugin a lot. I am an animator from maya and TWEEN MACHINE in maya was really helpful and increased the speed of work. Can you please make a feature similar to Tween Machine. Here is a video of it in action in maya. Thanks.


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Hi UV,
thank you very much for your feature request. I really appreciate that.

Thanks, I will think about this feature.

You can already do this also manually (rather quickly) by moving the frame cursor between two poses, then create keys (press the "s" key). The frame cursor position would correspond to that "percentage" you can configure in Tween Machine. Then move the created keys to the frame you want them to be. Of course, tween machine would save you a few clicks.

Best regards,
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yup I do that ...but overshooting (animation principle) is so much easier with tween machine. Hope you do add it. Great work overall. You are really good dev!
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I see the point. I've put this on my internal "ideas for the future" list but I can't promise anything as of now.

Best regards,

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