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Hi! First of all I gotta say I really love this asset.

Now, I have an animation made with UMotion that I want to add some modifiers in Blender, so I exported it as FBX Binary, but when I imported it over to blender there is no rig, just empties where the bones are supposed to be. The animation plays fine though, but I can't be certain without a mesh. I also tried to export as new file and then update existing file to no avail

Is this how it's suppossed to work? is there a way for it to export the mesh and the rig and not just empties?

Any help is appreciated!

Image for reference

Image for Reference

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Hi Alvaro,
thank you very much for your support request and for your nice words.

When you export an animation into a new *.fbx file, only the bones + animation are exported. This is intended behaviour. If you want to have a mesh included, you need to use the "update existing file" mode (in the UMotion Export Settings) to write your animation into the *.fbx file of your character. Please double check if this is working for you (if Unity correctly imports the animation and the mesh for that *.fbx, then the *.fbx has been written correctly and the problem might be related to the import settings in Blender).

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,

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