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Hello i have been using Umotion pro in my project for some time now its just amazing, but I'm having trouble animating fighting sequences in concrete the take down / grab moves I would love if there could be a way of animating the two character at the same time or without setting  u motion references every time i change the character.

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Hi Sujeto,
thank you very much for your nice words. Glad you like UMotion.

Thanks for the feature request. I really appreciate that.

What might help you when animating 2 characters that interact with each other: You can setup a Unity Timeline sequence that contains both characters and their corresponding animations. You can then use UMotion to animate one character at a time (but the animation playback of both characters is kept in sync).

Furthermore if both characters are the same (and their animations are in the same UMotion project) you can switch to the other character simply by selecting the other animation clip in Unity Timeline and then click on "Sync --> Timeline --> Selected Clip". UMotion automatically changes to the other clip (in the UMotion project) and also automatically exchanges the referenced character in the Pose Editor. This should make switching between characters faster.

More information about UMotion's Timeline Integration:

Having multiple characters assigned to UMotion at the same time is a very challenging problem (from a technical perspective) and is thus currently not planned, I'm sorry.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,

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