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Hello there, i need to use mixamo animations on my CC3 characters, there's no way to make them work :(

I've try every conversion, and set character in several way, generic, legacy, humanoid etc etc

There's no way to animate it, only with humanoid move but the animation is completely wrong, with legacy or generic the character dont move.
Animation controller or avatars nothing work.

How can i fix?

Here my Model if you wanna see what's wrong

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Hi Elvis,
thank you very much for your support request.

I've dragged and dropped the Unity package you posted above into an empty Unity project. There is one character included (named "Eli"). It has one animation (named "Calibration") that plays correct when I play it in the Preview window in the Inspector (both as humanoid and as generic).

You posted this in the Animation Converter forum, please explain what type of conversion you are trying to perform (from which character to which character and from which animation type to which animation type) and whats going wrong when you perform that conversion.

Best regards,
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Hello there,thanks for your reply, the animation inside ELI character it's the embed animation who i have when i export from CC3, what i mean is others animations, here my work flow as example:

i import the character who has Humanoid rig, configure avatar, (enforce t-pose) > done.
I go to mixamo and download any animation without skin as FBX file

Import mixamo animation who has generic as default so i have 2 options.
1) Convert my character as generic

(If i convert as generic, embed animation (calibraion) still work, but mixamo animations no, so with Animation controller > mixamoanimation attached at the character as usual, nothing happened the character remain in t-pose

2) Convert mixamo animation to humanoid so

Following your guideilne, i create from unity a "converted folder" > import mixamo generic animation > duplicate > set duplicate animation as humanoid, create hiw own avatar (enforce t-pose) done.

Then in animation editor, select as input Generic and output Huanoid > convert

The result is an animation in my converted folder so
Animation controller  to character and the result is not balance i mean (on a walking animation for example the character walk like a dumb, like a zombie game "down of the dead" instead Dawn of the dead! XD
Hope what i've write is underxtandable, let me know i can provide screens or whatever.
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thanks for your detailed response.

1) Yes that's expected not to work. The *.fbx (from mixamo) that contains the animation has a different rig/skeleton than your character. In order to play a generic animation on a character, it is necessary that the animation has been made exactly for the rig/skeleton of that specific character.

2) Humanoid allows playing animations that have been created for character A on character B even if both have a slightly different skeleton (bone names, size and proportions...). That process is called animation re-targeting. More info about what humanoid actually is can be found in this detailed blog post: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/05/26/mecanim-humanoids/

You don't need to use the Animation Converter in your case. Just configure the *.fbx that contains the animation as humanoid. Make sure that everything is configured correctly (all bones are green in the avatar editor). Then make sure that the animation previews correctly in the Inspector (switch to the "Animation" tab).

Once you have correctly configured your *.fbx to humanoid, it can be played on any other humanoid character (and should play fine on your character when it is configured as humanoid). You can easily test this by dragging & dropping your character in the animation's preview window (in the "Animation" tab).

You could then use the Animation Converter to convert the humanoid animation to a generic animation that matches the skeleton of your character so that both can use generic. This has some performance benefits (especially when you're targeting mobile) as no animation re-targeting needs to be done at runtime. Assign your character configured as humanoid and a duplication of the character configured as generic to the Animation Converter. Also assign the humanoid *.fbx animation. The converted animation is now using the same skeleton as your character and is thus compatible (as generic).

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,

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