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In FBX you can assign a root transform to animation motion. How can this be achieved with UMotion. I've tried to export FBX but animations don't work because the model does not export with the fbx.

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Hi BOOLit,
thanks for reaching out.

You can export the animation into the *.fbx of your character model (by using the "Update Existing File" UMotion export setting). Please refer to the manual for a detailed description of each of the export settings.

But it should also work when you export the animation as a separate *.fbx file. Afaik the settings in the Inspector of the *.fbx should be the same (no matter if it has a character mesh or not). You can drag & drop your character into the animation preview window (in the Inspector) to preview your animation.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,

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