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Hi, I need help to make an animation, but I have a problem when making the curves transaction, I want to make them start only after a certain Frame / Key, An Example ... I have a character that is idle, he raises his arm forward, opens and closes his hand a few times and then lowers his arm back to the starting position, but because of the curve, his behavior becomes bizarre, he raises his arm a little, and before even opening the hand it is already lowering the arm because of the curve .... I did not find in the documentation a solution, nor a similar question, i already tried break the Tangents and change, but have not the Effect that i desired

Thanks for listening

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Hi Shadownildo,
thank you very much for your support request.

Lets say you want to move the arm forward from frame 0 to frame 120. Then you would create keys at frame 0 (where the arm is in idle) and keys at frame 120 where the arm is up and forward. Then the arm should be kept in this position till e.g. frame 360. Thus you need to copy the keys from frame 120 to frame 360 so that there is no movement between 120 and 360. Then you can create keys on e.g. frame 480 where the arm is back in idle. This will make the arm move to idle from 360 to 480. If you don't have keys on 360, it would start moving from 120 to 480 (which I guess is what is happening for you).

Switching the rotation interpolation to euler shows curves that are easier to understand (you would clearly see that without keys on frame 360 the curve would interpolate from frame 120 (up movement stopped) till the last frame). But euler angles suffer from gimbal lock so be careful when using them. More information about curves: UMotion - Curves & Rotation Modes

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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Yes! i find out this yesterday trying to fix! i believe this is a Really basic thing in animation, sorry about that, Thank you!

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