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In Umotion window all look good. When im export to anim file, IK system wont work, arm not moving in exported animation.

When I export animation to FBX Binary, animation IK at exported animation worked fine, arms moving good. I would use FBX Binary, but FBX Binary won't export Blend Shape keys...

Also thx you for quick answer in my previous post about feature with disabling scale.

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Hi Vilaskis,
thank you very much for the bug report.

What you experience is a regression bug that I've accidentally introduced in the UMotion V1.16p02 patch release. It breaks IK export when exporting to generic *.anim. A new patch release that fixes this issue (UMotion V1.16p03) has already been sent to the asset store and should be available today or tomorrow.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
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Thanks you very much! Umotion Pro  its best tool for me =)
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Thanks for the nice words. UMotion V1.16p03 just went live on the asset store.

Best regards,

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