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Hello. This is a continuation of this other post https://support.soxware.com/1729/exported-generic-non-humanoid-anim-doesnt-match

The fix you made did work and fix the original problem, but a new one appeared instead affecting IKs. It may be the same one as https://support.soxware.com/1738/broken-exported-clip

This is the expected animation:

And this is the obtained animation:

Notice the feet going through the floor, probably because the IK is not being applied to the exported animation. I sent you the project again just in case, but with a few changes and more cleaned up

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Hi ashkatchap,
thank you very much for the bug report.

You are absolutely right, the bug fix I did in V1.16p02 introduced a regression causing IK on generic bones not to be exported correctly. This also explains the behavior in this post (as you've already mentioned).

I've been able to fix this regression in V1.16p03 and am sending the patch release to the asset store later today.

Thanks a lot for reporting, that means a lot to me and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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