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So basically I'm trying to make a character wave. When I adjust a bone, I can hit "S" at the desired spot in the timeline to save that spot. However If i want to rotate, say, the upper arm and lower arm, I find I have to do this one at a time, or else I am unable to hit "S". Then when I try to adjust in the timeline it says "Unapplied modifications". Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Bob,
thank you very much for reaching out.

You can select multiple bones in the Pose Editor by holding "CTRL". When you hit "S" you will then create keys for every selected bone.

Then when I try to adjust in the timeline it says "Unapplied modifications".

If you get this dialog, there are some modifications that you haven't created keys for. Bones that have modifications that have not yet been keyed are displayed in red in the Pose Editor.

There are several other methods to create keys in UMotion. You can for example use "Auto Key"  to let UMotion automatically create keys for you whenever you manipulate a bone or you can use the "Key Dialog" to get a list of all modifications and then "tick" everything you want to create keys for.

A detailed explanation of all the ways to create keys can be found in the Pose Editing - Video Tutorial (3:27) or in the Manual (click on the black "i" button of the "Animation" tab in the Pose Editor).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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Thanks Peter, much appreciated. Really enjoying uMotion so far!

Kind regards,

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