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After exporting a generic, non-legacy animation to a .anim file, there are some differences:
This is what it looks like in UMotion: https://streamable.com/2ze0i

This is what it looks like after exporting: https://streamable.com/jw6ys

The difference is how the pointy head is not pointing forward in the exported animation when it does in UMotion. Specifically 2 gameobjects are the ones that have differing rotations. This is how the curve looks in UMotion, first in Progressive Mode (the mode it was authored in) and then in Quaternion mode

And this is how it looks in the .anim file (but with euler visualization):

It is visible how the yellow curve (also the others) aren't flat like in UMotion, and manually flattening them fixes the problem. This also happens in other places slightly altering the animation everywhere, but this is the part where it is more notable.

I tested this in a new project and I'm sending you it to the forum email in case you need the project.

Thanks and I hope you can help with this

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Hi ashkatchap,
thank you very much for your detailed bug report. I appreciate that.

I have been able to fix the issue in UMotion V1.16p02 (shipping in the next one or two days via the asset store):

From the V1.16p02 Release Notes:

Fixed that rotation curves of a generic animation aren't exported correctly to *.anim when an IK constraint is applied to a sibling or a parent in the hierarchy.

Thanks again and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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Thanks you a lot for fixing it, and so fast at that. Thanks a lot!
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