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Hey man I'm really enjoying u-motion for cleaning up mocap to use with unity characters. this is my project:


Something i'd find invaluable is a way to blend different animations ontop of eachother with a timeline style interface and then be able to refine skeletal animation atop with an animation layer. Great for making loops or taking various different mocap clips and making a single unique animation.

the desired end goal being this:


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Hi mradfo21,
thank you very much for your feature request. I really appreciate that.

I think your video is configured as private (vimeo showed a "unauthorized" message).

Did you know that UMotion supports editing animations in Unity Timeline (see https://youtu.be/hTcPmoED7Ss)? So what you could already do is combining multiple animation clips in Timeline and use UMotion via the Sync button to edit single clips. I'm not sure if there is any tool available on the asset store that would allow you to convert a Timeline sequence to a single animation though.

Implementing something like Unity Timeline into UMotion is currently not planned due to the huge amount of work it would require. But I could think of a small tool that allows to bake a Timeline Sequence into a single animation file.

Best regards,

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actually that video you posted IS pretty complete... let me try this out!
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Yeah you know I was wondering if it'd be possible just to leverage the timeline in Unity. It basically does everything i'm asking for already. I just wasn't sure if I could bake it down to one animation. Would it at all be possible someday to get maybe a tutorial or a video on the method you described above? I may just not be experienced enough with Umotion to truly follow along with what you meant.

Umotion is really solving humanoid animation for me quite well because I can essentially bypass needing a standard humanoid rig since unity's humanoid rig is essentially that. Its letting me forgoe maya at the moment which is nice.

Weird about the Vimeo vid.. well here's just my page, 4th video down is my current project - you may remember it from the Unity forum.

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UMotion currently offers no way to bake animations of Timeline into a single animation. But maybe there are some external tools (e.g. from the Asset Store) that allow you to do that, not sure though.

Working with UMotion and Timeline is pretty straight forward. Make sure you have a UMotion project opened (but no character assigned to the Pose Editor) for the same character you are animating in Timeline. Select the animation clip in Timeline that you want to edit, then in UMotion's Clip Editor click on Sync --> Timeline --> Edit Selected Clip.

You can learn more about working with Timeline by checking out the chapter "Unity Timeline Integration" in the UMotion manual.

PS: Great video! I remember that you've posted that on the forum.

Best regards,

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