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I think it would be very helpful, for creating realistic looking animations, if there would be a setting in UMotion that would limit the movement (especially rotation) of bones on humanoid rigs to what is considered natural.

If the setting is enabled unnatural movements should be prevented or at least warned about.

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Hi sunrisebacon,
thanks for your feature request. I appreciate that.

I think the decision of what's a natural humanoid movement is more an artistic choice. A cartoonish character might be able to perform motions that a real-life human would never be able to do. Or if the humanoid character is a robot, it could perform very unnatural movements that still make sense in that context. I've even seen videos where UMotion was used to create a "breaking bones" animation.

You can use the humanoid muscle tools (shown in the Scene View when no bone is selected) to apply modifications to the bones that are within a range that one would typically consider as natural.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the swift reply Peter.

Well I should have said human than and not humanoid wink
It's certainly a very specific use case and like I said it should be an option and in no way restrict artistic freedom.

While the muscle tools could be helpful in some cases it would not help with arm movement for instance or many of the adjustments you showed in this video:
Our First Animation (FPS) - UMotion In Practice

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Ok I understand. I will keep this in mind, but I can't promise if and when this is going to be implemented smiley

Best regards,

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Oh, no worries. It was just something that came to my mind while working with UMotion.

I'm very aware that this will probably be a pain to implement.

I just put it here as a suggestion and to see if you and other people would consider it useful.

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