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What could be the issue if exporting an fbx + clip animation the result is an fbx with just the bones and nothing else in it? The animations seems to be exported correctly though ^^

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thanks for your support request.

That's by design. If you export your animation to *.fbx it only includes the animation (not the mesh). If you want to have the mesh in your *.fbx, use the "Update Existing" mode (in the export settings) to export the animation into the *.fbx file that contains the actual mesh.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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I understand but it's a little confusing cause Update Existing feels like Umotion will overwrite your original fbx...? That's looking for troubles (broken prefabs in case something goes wrong is the first thing that comes to my mind)

Having a checkbox like "Save as a copy" would help a lot ^^


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Yes it will overwrite the original *.FBX. So backing that up before you export is recommended. There should be no broken prefabs or things like that though.

You can duplicate the original *.FBX and use that one to export your animation into if you want.

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