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I have an animation that I motion captured and then edited in UMotion.

The animation goes from sitting on the ground to standing up. I then blend into an idle animation.

My issue is that the standing up animation's ending root position is off from the idle (which is correct and at center mass) animation, so the blend causes the character to slide to the idles position.

Is there a way to move rootmotion position of all keyframes at once (so they stay the same relative to each other) and line up the last keyframe so that it ends in the correct position?

EDIT:  Should I be selecting them together in the "Curves" and moving the X and Y positions?

That seems to work, but I'm not an animator by trade so just want to make sure.

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Hi sbmhome,
thank you very much for your support request. 

EDIT:  Should I be selecting them together in the "Curves" and moving the X and Y positions? 

Correct. Either this or you could also use an additive animation layer. Then at the first frame, you move the root bone to it's correct position and then create a key for it. The offset is then added to all following keys (thus "additive layer"). Has the advantage that you can enable or disable the layer to preview the difference. But of course doing it in the curves of the original animation is also perfectly fine.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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